Global Diabetes Walk launches new website!

The website includes resources for organisers, educational materials about diabetes prevention, and a real-time counter of global participants, highlighting the collective effort to promote a healthier lifestyle.

We are excited to announce the launch of our newly redesigned website! As part of our ongoing commitment to enhance the Global Diabetes Walk and expand our reach, this new platform offers improved features and resources to better support our community of organisers, participants and ambassadors around the world.

Our new website serves as a central hub for the Global Diabetes Walk, facilitating a registration process and providing access to valuable resources. For organisers, we’ve introduced a comprehensive toolkit that includes resources designed to engage communities and inspire participation at the local level.

How to use it

We have made everything easy to use and intuitive, so that we can make our participants' life as easy as possible. It is possible to both register your own walk and join an existing walk in your area. We have also added an easy way for users to access any resource or information that they could need in order to organise a successful walk, whether that be the 1st or the 20th. It is also possible to have a simple overview of our ambassadors, who are organising walks around the world and get in contact with them, to ask questions about how to organise a walk or to join their walks. 

Want to learn more about the Global Diabetes Walk, an initiative created by the World Diabetes Foundation? Find your way to our about us page

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