Organise a Walk

Ready to organise a Walk in your community? Our guide below provides the key steps you need to plan, promote, and execute a successful event to raise awareness and support people living with diabetes. Be sure to register your Walk on our website to make a meaningful impact.

Get started

Plan your Walk. Look for partners. Reach out to relevant spokespersons, leaders of diabetes associations and others who can help you get the word out, provide good ideas, and contribute financing for your plan. 

Choose a distance and date. Many Walks take place on or around November 14, World Diabetes Day – but any time in November is fine.

Choose a place. Depending on the type of your chosen activities you might want to walk down the street or take over the town square. Do not forget to share your favourite Walk moments on social media!

Register! The earlier, the better. People like to follow an example, so give them one. Once you complete your Walk, you will be awarded a digital certificate of appreciation!

Do you have questions? Or would you like to share your Walk plans with us? Reach out to